What Are Magnetic Locks and Why Choose Them Over Standard Locks?

The market is filled with different offers in terms of locks. They seem to have everything you can only imagine. Electromagnetic locks are growing their popularity and now they are used not only in offices, hospitals and different official buildings but also at our homes.

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The principal of work of maglock is no different from an ordinary magnet we all know. The lock and the armature plate are installed on the door and the doorframe respectively and under the influence of electricity, they hold the door closed. To open it, you have to interrupt the electric current. It can be done with the help of a special card, push buttons that are installed by our friends, a password entered on the keypad, special magnetic keys (in magnetic-coded locks), motion sensors and biometrics. Our friends Siding Vancouver Company recommend motion sensors.

There are several kinds of electromagnetic locks:

  • Ordinary maglocks;
  • Magnetic keyed locks;
  • Magnetic-coded locks.

What are their main advantages?

The most valuable properties of such locks are:

  • They are difficult to crack (but it depends on the initial qualities of the lock and its strength). Even if a burglar comes to your house, he may be nor ready to find a maglock there.
  • Easy installation. There are no moving parts in such type of locks, so there’s no need to measure the position of the lock to the inch.
  • Fast to open. You should only interrupt the flow and that’s it!
  • They can be operated remotely by pushing the button, for example.
  • Due to the absence of moving parts, they don’t wear out as fast as traditional locks.
  • Different levels of security, which can be adjusted to your needs.http://locksmithlangleybc.ca/residential/

What are their weak sides?

As any other products, maglocks have a number of drawbacks:

  • If the gap between the door and the frame is too big, it can be opened with a pinch-bar.
  • Some types of maglocks stop working without electricity, which automatically makes them useless. It may be used by the burglars to break-in.
  • Their price is higher than of the ordinary locks.

Is it better to choose magnetic lock over standard lock?

To upgrade the security of your home or office building it is better to use both magnetic and standard lock. The combination of their properties can lessen the drawbacks of each lock type. Thus, in case of burglary attempt, magnetic lock can insure the standard one and vice versa. Besides, if the electrical supply disappears, magnetic lock won’t be able to keep your home safe. Standard locks (e.g. deadbolts) may become the only obstacle on the burglar’s way. Weigh all the positive and negative sides of both and make the right choice.

Get the Best Lock for Your Home Security System

High-quality lock is an essential part of our safety. The variety of locks presented on the market impresses. There you may find traditional key locks, which have been showing their effectiveness for years (mortise locks, deadbolt locks) and those, which only start gaining their popularity among homeowners.

Most of our homes are equipped with single or double cylinder deadbolts plus knob locks. Unfortunately, they are not a problem for an intruder. Knob locks may be broken with a hammer and if there are windows in or next to your door, single cylinder deadbolt may easily be opened from the inside if shatter the glass.

When talking about apartments, there are two most popular kinds of locks: rim latch locks and Jimmy proof deadbolts. Both are not easy to be broken from the outside, but still it won`t take long a professional housebreaker to open them. Read more about locksmith near me services.

If neither of traditional locks may become an obstacle for a burglar, how can we make our home safe? The answer is simple – make your lock smarter than the burglar. Install electronic door locks. They are available with one or more means of entry. They may be:

• Keypad with a touchscreen panel;
• Biometric entry;
• Bluetooth-enabled locks;
• or radio frequency identification (RFID) locks.

Read more here https://www.safewise.com/blog/finding-the-perfect-electronic-door-lock-for-your-home/

Keypad locks are not new on the market. Anyway, they recommended themselves to be rather trustworthy. To increase their solidity and exclude the possibility of guessing the pin, keypad locks are now equipped with touchscreen panels. They may also be combined with a deadbolt lock.

Biometric entry locks use your fingerprints to open the door. This type of locks is specially programed to identify the fingerprints of the homeowner and the people who may have an access to the house.

Bluetooth-enabled locks work by sensing your smartphone`s Bluetooth ID. The lock will automatically open when you approach the house. Such kind of locks has one more mean of entry in case you`ve lost your phone or the battery is dead.

Radio-frequency identification locks work similar to Bluetooth-enabled locks. The difference is that you need not your smartphone but a card or a key fob to enter the house.
The main advantage of all electronic locks is that they may be connected with the home security system. In case of hack attempt, the lock will turn on the alarm and let the police know about the crime.
You may combine both traditional key locks and electronic locks to reduce the burglar`s chances for success. Let new technologies come into your life and bring your safety to a higher level.